Advanced System Software Curricula


Slobodanka Đorđević-Kajan, Dragan Stojanović, Aleksandar Stanimirović


System software, Operating systems, System programming, Laboratory exercises


Facta Universitatis, Series Electrinics and Energetics, No.2, Vol.18, 2005

Issue date:

August 2005


An advanced System Software curricula at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Niš is presented in this paper. The system software track consists of two important themes of Computer Science and Computing in General organized now as two separated courses: Operating Systems course and System Software Development and System Programming course. Both courses offer extensive teaching of foundational concepts and principles of Operating Systems and System Programming alongwith design and implementation of presented topics in real operating systems and system software, such as Unix, Linux and Windows 2000/XP. Laboratory environments and exercises for both courses offer both examination of main algorithms and structures within operating systems and system software through simulation, and what is more important, hands-on experience with operating system internals and code.