Discovering Mappings between Ontologies in Semantic Integration Process


Leonid Stoimenov, Aleksandar Stanimirović, Slobodanka Đorđević-Kajan


ontology, semantic heterogeneity, semantic mappings, GIS interoperability


In Proceedings of 9th AGILE International Conference on Geographic Information Science “Shaping the Future of Geographic Information Science in Europe”

Issue date:

April 2006


The use of ontologies in semantic translation is a viable approach to overcome the problem of semantic heterogeneity. In our framework (called GeoNis) for GIS interoperability, based on Semantic Mediator, semantic heterogeneity is resolved by using a hybrid ontology approach. Thispaper presents our approach to mappings between community terminologies (local ontologies) andmappings between local ontology and top-level ontology. As a main contribution, paper defines off-line discovering of mappings between concepts from two local ontologies.