Interoperable Component-Based GIS Application Framework


Leonid Stoimenov, Aleksandar Stanimirović, Slobodanka Đorđević-Kajan


interoperability framework, component-based development, mediation. geographic information systems, Ginis, OLE DB



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In this paper we present research in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) interoperability. Also, this paper describes interoperability framework called GeoNis. GeoNis uses new technologies, proposed in this paper, to perform integration task between GIS applications and legacy data sources over the Internet. Our approach provides integration of distributed GIS data sources and legacy information systems in local community environment. The proposed framework uses the technology based on mediators, to allow communications between GIS applications over the Internet/Intranet. The problem of semantic heterogeneity will be resolved by concept of mediation and ontology. To provide integrated access to various distributed geo-information sources, we have developed components as an extension to existing GIS application called Ginis. Component-based architecture of Ginis is also presented in this paper. We have developed DataConsumer module that encapsulates physical data access details from the rest of application. In this way we have completely separated GIS application from details of data access. Also we have described our implementation of OpenGIS standards for uniform access to heterogeneous and distributed data sources. These standards are based on Microsoft Universal Data Access specification and OLE DB technology. Existing GIS application has been extended with new components for data access. Crucial part of this implementation is Ginis OLE DB Data Provider that is responsible for providing spatial data. The basic architecture of Ginis OLE DB Data Provider is also shown in this paper.