Sensor Web for River Water Pollution Monitoring and Alert System


Nataša Marković, Aleksandar Stanimirović, Leonid Stoimenov


sensor web, GIS


In Proceedings of 12th AGILE Conference on GIScience

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Development of new technologies brings many ways for environmental protection and maintenance. Sensor Web (Gross, 1999) is a tendency in scientific research with wide use and implementation possibilities. It has extraordinary significance for science, environmental monitoring, transportation management, public safety, facility security, disaster management, industrial controls, facilities management and many other domains of activity. Using GIS as a platform for data visualization in combination with Sensor Web, enables us to create systems for environmental monitoring and protection.

River pollution has been a major problem in the developing countries, especially in the Balkan region. Fast industrial growth has led to increscent in quantity of chemical materials used in industry, as well as in industrial facilities which use the chemicals as raw materials. As a result of this there is an increased emission of dangerous materials into the air, water and soil. Although water problems occur in specific locations and regions, they are in fact global problems in that their frequency, magnitude, and potential effects are increasing rapidly.

Concerning that water is one of the most important natural resources and one that will determine future prosperity and stability, we developed the River water Monitoring and Alert System (RWMAS) that will enable operators in crisis management centers to discover and prevent water pollution.