The Development and Usage of a Relational Database Design Tool for Educational Purposes


Miloš Bogdanović, Aleksandar Stanimirović, Nikola Davidović, Leonid Stoimenov


Database design, educational tool, EER, conceptual data modeling


Proceedings of the Informing Science & IT Education Conference (InSITE) 2008

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Most universities where students study informational technologies and computer science have an introductory course dealing with the development and design of databases. These courses often include usage of database design tools. In this paper, the #EER tool is presented, the task of which is to make the process of relational databases design easier for the students and partially automatize it. The tool evolved due to the experience in using similar tools for educational purposes. It enables fast and efficient development of the relational database conceptual model and its automatized compilation into a relational model and further to data definition language (DDL) commands. #EER tool is based on the extended entity-relationship (EER) model for conceptual modeling of relational databases. Modular architecture of the tool, the development of which is based on the usage of the design patterns, along with the benefits that its usage brings, is also presented.